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As technology continues to evolve, it has given rise to artist collaboration like never before. Crossing digital boundaries, musicians from different backgrounds, genres, and even geographical locations, are constantly connecting with one another, discovering new ways to share ideas to create something new.

Sponsored by AT&T, ISAtv has brought together two of the most innovative, independent musicians in the country, Kina Grannis (Singer/Songwriter) and Ken Loi (DJ/EDM Producer), who will give fans from around the globe an intimate look at the creative process as they work remotely to develop a remix together for one of Kina’s songs, “Write It in the Sky.” After the song is developed, it’ll be turned into a brand new music video for the official “Write It in the Sky” Remix created by filmmakers Wong Fu Productions.

Stay tuned to WeAreTheMobileMix.com for up to the minute news as Kina, Ken, and ISAtv release sneak peeks, photos, and special announcements as The Mobile Mix comes together.

Vote on the Remix

All along the way, we want YOU to stay involved. Right now YOU have the opportunity to help us decide the direction for the remix. Ken and Kina need your input on the beat to use for the official track. You can vote between three different sounds that Ken has produced. We also want to know your input and questions on the remixing process. Submit your questions for the opportunity to be featured on WeAreTheMobileMix in the future! Maybe Ken and Kina will even respond directly to you!

We will be announcing the winning beat next Monday, Oct. 27 with the official remix premiering the following week on Monday, Nov. 3!

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