The Mobile Mix Behind The Scenes: Photo Shoot + Call Out


We had a great time working with Kina and Ken on this year’s campaign photo shoot. Both of them are incredibly photogenic (as you can tell in the photos below), so it made our job that much easier – knocking out the shots we needed in no time! We really tried to capture the spirit of The Mobile Mix, emphasizing Kina and Ken’s own unique personality and style. As a singer/songwriter from LA and an EDM Producer from the Bay (respectively), we wanted to make sure that these traits came through naturally in the photos. Since this was the first time Kina and Ken were meeting in person, we were a little worried about their chemistry together on camera – but we quickly realized this wouldn’t be an issue – as they vibed off one another immediately. You can see how natural they look together in the gallery below!

For the Call Out Video, we wanted to tie it thematically with Kina’s Lyric Video, filming in areas alongside the California coast to match the scenes from “Write It in the Sky.” We were happy that Kina and Ken had their AT&T mobile devices handy during the shoot, as they were both able to capture some really fun moments along the beach. So many selfies! At the end of the day, we came away with some amazing footage, memories, and a great foundation for building The Mobile Mix. More fun moments to share soon!

- The Mobile Mix Team







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