Behind the Scenes of the Mobile Mix Music Video


Thanks to everyone for the great reaction on Kina’s “Write It in The Sky” (KEN LOI REMIX) Music Video! We’ve loved all your comments so far and are excited to see how much everyone is enjoying this futuristic take on the track. Wong Fu really put in the hours to make everything come to life including even creating a makeshift spaceship for Arden to fly in.


Speaking of Arden, can we get a round of applause for Kailee Bauer, the girl that played Arden’s younger self, as well as Ezra Dewey, the boy who played the younger version of Ryan Potter? For two kids, they were incredibly professional – knocking out their parts in a couple of takes.


Were you wondering who played the girls “parents?” Is that a Wong Fu cameo? You might have not recognized him, but that’s Phil Wang who dressed a little bit more “fatherly” to fit the part. #MindBlown #FuturePhil


Did you know this was Ken Loi’s first ever music video? We were happy to be a part of this big milestone for Ken, providing him a chance to show off his performance/acting chops. We had a lot of funny conversations behind the scenes figuring out exactly what Ken would be doing in the video. As the producer of the track he’s a very important element, however finding an authentic and creative way to integrate him wasn’t as easy a task as one would think. We didn’t want him doing something too stereotypical of other electronic music videos where the producer was wears headphones or touches a soundboard. After a few brainstorming session, we decided it would make sense if Ken was the maestro, conducting the “sounds” of the video. This ended up fitting in very well, giving Ken something visual that would represent him as the producer of the song.


We’ll post another behind the scenes blog from the music video soon! In the mean time – enjoy these production photos from the shoot!

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