Friends of ISAtv Join the Mobile Mix


One of our favorite parts about The Mobile Mix is how it allowed us to bring together our friends in the community to meet and work with one another. Kina Grannis has such a great reputation not only as a musician but also as an all around wonderful human being – that when we asked other talented members of the community to get involved in this project they jumped on immediately for the opportunity to support Kina.


We challenged some of our favorite people to use the remix in a creative way that would show another level of collaborating between two styles. We were blown away by the results. Not sure if you’ve seen some of the fun content that our friends, Atomic Mari, Domics, Weylie, and Arden have posted – but you NEED to check it out and put these videos on repeat immediately!

Lifestyle and Beauty Guru, Weylie, created a special makeup tutorial showing fans how to recreate Kina’s futuristic look from the music video.

Domics made a hilarious animated video about the popularity of EDM Festivals.

Atomic Mari showed off her skills as a dancer, doing a spirited routine using a Lyra Hoop (a workout hoop).

Arden Cho partnered with another one of our friends, David Choi, to pay homage to Kina, performing an acoustic cover of the original song.

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